University of Minnesota Long Term Care Resource Center

Regulations by Topic

How to Use Topic Pages

Main topics listed in the left column are organized to mirror the F-tag categories in the federal nursing home regulations. Each topic on the left has its own topic page. There are also a number of suptopic sections (some with their own pages) linked in the gray column to the right in the main topic pages.

Each topic page includes:

  • - An index of federal regulations and f-tags pertaining to the topic.

  • - A narrative description of the federal requirements pertaining to the topic.

  • - A link to a PDF transcript of state requirements on the topic.

  • - A comparative narrative analysis of state requirements pertaining to topic.

  • - A table comparing how the topic is addressed by the states (highlighted state names in the topic may be clicked to show the portion of the regulation where the state addresses the topic).

**Additionally, some pages include links to subpages for subtopics that have generated enough regulation material to warrant an additional page.

There are sixty-one total topic and subtopic pages.

Using the sections on Comparisons of State Regulations

  • - Each narrative highlights how States differ from Federal regulations on a specific topic.

  •  - NH Regs Plus comments ( [NH Regs Plus Comment: ]) address the relevance of these variations for resident autonomy, quality of life, or culture change.  

  • - Examples are illustrative not comprehensive; always check specific State language.

  • - A table with links to each State’s regulatory language is located at the bottom of the page.

Relevant Subtopics:

On each of the main topic pages, this column will contain links to various sub-sections or sub-pages that relate to the main topic.