State Case Studies

These baseline Case Studies cover rebalancing history and current activities in each of the 8 participating States up to July 2005; they are based on extensive review of materials and input from state and local officials, consumer stakeholders, and provider stakeholders. Abbreviated reports present highlights of findings, and long reports are organized into 5 sections: Background, System Assessment, and Management Approaches for Rebalancing, Quantitative Markers of Rebalancing, and Summary and Conclusions.

Arkansas, 2005. abbreviated long
Florida, 2005. abbreviated
Minnesota, 2005. abbreviated long
New Mexico, 2005 abbreviated long
Pennsylvania, 2005 abbreviated long
Texas, 2005 abbreviated long
Vermont, 2005 abbreviated long
Washington, 2005 abbreviated long

A Year in State Management Practices for Rebalancing Long-Term Care Systems

Final Case Studies were conducted in each State for the time period ending December 2007. These Case Studies update the management approaches that had been identified earlier, and describe any new approaches. They focus particularly on the reflections of State government officials on rebalancing goals, accomplishments, and next steps as they reflect on all the State's experiences in moving towards more community-based services.

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