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We're sorry. This website is out of date.

NH Regulations Plus was last updated in 2012. Since then, federal regulations affecting nursing homes underwent a thorough change in 2015. Also, the content around the regulatory process has been modified over the last decade, particularily because of the implementation of QAPI (Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement) in 2016.

NH Regulations Plus is still illustrates a helpful approach to comparing and evaluation state nursing home regulations, and much of its content is generally accurate.

For questions, contact Rosalie A. Kane, PhD, Professor of Social Work and Public Health

For questions about environmental regulation and regulations governing new construction, contact: Lois J. Cutler, PhD, Research Emeritus, now at Cutler Consulting: Solutions for Senior Housing in Stillwater, MN.

An In-Depth Look at State Nursing Home Regulations

NH Regs Plus serves as a one-stop location to examine and compare the content of state regulations related to nursing homes. It contains federal nursing home regulations and nursing home regulations for all states and the District of Columbia.

NH Regs Plus also contains comparative analyses of more than 70 topics in nursing home regulation in narrative and tabular form. The narratives also contain occasional comments, signed as

[NH Regs Plus Comment: , that call attention to issues that may be relevant in the movement toward greater individualization of resident care and transformation of nursing home services and environments to achieve better resident quality of life.

Assisted Living Regulations by State

Look for the Plus in NH Regulations. Assisted living regulations can now be found on each state page. You can also go to our State Regulations by State to choose a state with our interactive map.

NHRegsPlus has just completed a ground-breaking examination of waivers of nursing home regulations. In the context of federal waiver requirements, new sections describe, compare and contrast how states grant waivers of regulations and the kind of records they establish.

Check out our new look—and our updated information. Changes to looks for:

  • -State regs updated to 2011.
  • -Comparisons by state updated.
  • -States home pages describe changes over time.
  • -New section on waivers of regulation.













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