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Complete Nursing Home Regulations Licensure Rules for Nursing Home Administrators
Alaska Assisted Living Regulations  

Regulatory Approach

Alaska has made significant additions and changes to regulations since 2007, including a new chapter on Licensing, Certification and Approvals.

Changes At a Glance

  • Licensure requirement and process changes

  • Criminal background checks/proof of Hepatitis B vaccination now required for employees

  • Personnel file management changes and new orientation requirements for staff

  • Nursing homes must have a nurse on duty at all times (waivers no longer available)

  • Facilities that dispense drugs must have a pharmacy and therapeutics committee.

  • Additional licensure/reporting requirements for physical therapists and social workers.

  • Additional dietetic supervisory requirements for nursing homes that are part of a licensed critical access hospital.

  • Additions to record keeping and supervisory requirements for nursing homes providing laboratory services.

  • Additions to risk management regulations.

  • Significant deletions from outpatient services requirements.

  • Additions and changes to regulations regarding rights of patients, clients and residents.

  • Updates to references in AAC 12.900 (Physical Plant)

  • New sections on contracts and accredited entities.


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