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Regulatory Approach


Changes at A Glance

Washington has made a variety of changes to nursing home regulations in the past few years. Highlights of those changes include:

  • - Updating references and editorial housekeeping changes;

  • - Providing requirements for electronic monitoring;

  • - Breaking some of the sections into smaller sections to make them easier to read and find;

  • - Renumber the entire chapter to consecutive four digit numbers for ease of reading and reference;

  • - To be consistent with Chapter 521, Laws of 2009, E2SSB 5688 clarified that domestic partners could share a room.

  • - Clarified tuberculosis requirements to be consistent with current standards.

  • - Aligned disqualifying crime rules with the department's disqualifying crime lists to make lists consistent.

  • - Clarified and simplified dialysis services requirements to more closely follow federal guidance.

  • - Added liability insurance requirement to rule.


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